Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project September

Each month I try out something new that I can do for a short while.
One month it was baking, another month it was gardening..
This month is for re-reading stories from Indian Mythology..
I dont know how many of you remember being 5 or 6 years old and sitting around the evening lit lamp and listening to your grandmother telling you stories about kings and gods and magical creatures..
I have vague memories of these stories and I remember reading amar chitra katha books when I was around 10 years old.. Alas, I never kept those books and these days those books are crazy expensive...
So I have decided to scour the internet and re-read those old stories..
Some are very familiar and some are not.. but it feels good to be reading these...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Done with summer!!

I know its only September but I so done with Summer and cant wait for it to get to fall.
This month is going to be an in-between-month, its cold enough in the mornings to want to get you to dress up in layers but by noon its hot enough to make you feel stuffy.
I want to wear my boots and stockings again!
Hopefully by the time I'm back from my India trip, the weather turns crisp and chilly..
Then it would be time for sweater over shirt, sweater dresses, scarves and gloves..
I know it doesn't get THAT cold in cali but its cold enough for me!! I am also looking forward to a trip to Ohio - more cold weather!
Another thing I noticed these days is how much I use my ovens when its cold. It is a winter thing.. we bbq all summer and bake all winter.. mmmm  roasted pumpkins and sweet potatoes...
cant wait.....