Friday, January 25, 2008

The season I love the most – Monsoon

For those of you who are from my state –“ God’s own country”, you would all understand why rains here in Kerala are way more enjoyable than everywhere else…
This journal is about my first love… Monsoon… There is a mood attached to rains… so full of a peculiar energy that makes me want to sit down and run around at the same time. Starting with the very smell that is associated with the first rain drops, to the cold and wet breeze, the sounds of rain drops hitting the floor…. Monsoon is the time when I sometimes sit just to watch and listen to the rains, the time when I simply run out into the rains, the time when I play water fight and puddle splash with my friends, the time when I have hot samosa or vada along with my coffee with my feet in the rains. I simply love it all…

This is the month of march and I am waiting for the rains, just the right time to share my “rain” feelings. There is a rain song- Mazha Mazha from the album Malayali… I am listening to it right now. This song brings out all my “rain memories”.

Here, in this land where green is the most prominent color, rain drops work magic, showing God’s awesome ability to create the best sights in the smallest things. Ever noticed the sky and its shades right before the rain??

Ever noticed the way air smells just before it rains?? Ever felt the rain in the winds just before the first few drops hit the earth?? Ever listened to the music of rains and accompanying thunder??

And even better, have you ever noticed the plants after the showers??

Here in our state, the rain is the symbol for hope of prosperity and great success to come.
The farmers in some distant village, so brimming with wild natural beauty will celebrate as nature pours down on them. The green acres of paddy, will dance to the rhythm of the rain. Love will blossom as lovers will run in the rain under a plantain leaf. Rains will bring with it great joy and all men, all differences aside will celebrate along side nature.

My beautiful state and its beautiful treasures will glow with all the pride in the rains and this year, as the rains hit my soil, I will be sitting on my verandah with a hot cup of coffee in my hands, the rain just within reach of my fingers….

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