Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Matters

When does a parent stop being the person who knows what is best for their child? Does that ever happen?
Granted they gave you life and raised you and tried to make you a better image of themselves, but when does their stake on your life's decisions end? Does it ever?
I love my parents and they have managed a fine balance when it comes to my  personal space. This is not about them. This is about a lot of the people in my life who find it difficult to say "No" and stand up against their family.
Who decides what career a young teenager should choose?
If the child has an aptitude to write and leans towards journalism, what right does the parent have to force engineering upon him?
When an adult decides that he has found his soul mate, what right does the parent have to forbid him?
Sure, the decision any member of the family makes affects the entire unit but where does the feeling of a whole being end and a sense of individuality begin?
Why does the parent not understand that in an attempt to make life acceptable for the family, it is tearing their child apart?
I wish sons and daughters wouldn't be thought of as out castes because they disagreed with the parents and moved out.
What is the best way to work through differences in the family? For some like me, it worked out to listen, agree and go with the advices. But for others, that decision ruined their happiness.
For some, betraying the parents worked out well and others lived lonely lives.
Is there no way to compromise and work on an understanding?


  1. Nice.... felt like reading a poem!!!

  2. ha ha! thanks.. i hope people understand what i meant! I kinda feel it can be taken in many wrong ways!