Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year 2011 and resolutions

I take stock of the year towards the end of December and wonder what I did best, what I wish I had done better and this year is no exception. This past year was full of events and some I want to remember, some I do not.
I like that I was in India for about 6 weeks spread across the year. I like that we moved to a nicer house. I like that we had a fun summer with lots of activities and a pleasant winter dotted with parties.
Things that bothered me this year seem far away now.
The long hours on the flight, the miserable 36 hours with minimal rest days, the sick days - all seem distant.
I like that these last days of the year have been pleasant.
I have not decided if I will do the whole "new years resolution " this time. I have noticed that the times I do it, i set too high standards that I do not follow through.
So this year, I started early on little things and I plan to constantly check myself. The whole brand new beginnings associated with a Jan 1st is just silly. I find that my plans for getting better at things work better when I do not look at a new year as a new beginning but each new week as one. This way, I do not give up thinking I didn't do it well  so lets try starting next year or next birthday. Instead I rewind my springs every Monday morning and take on the week at full sprint. Sure, I wind down and by Thursday evening I am all burned out but this way I accomplish more over my 5 working days and catch myself from failing before end of day Saturday. This way, I do my chores better towards the beginning of the week instead of letting it build go and catching up to it at random intervals when i find things falling apart. I will myself to go to the gym every Monday despite failed attempts over previous 3 days.
So even if I end up declaring a resolution, it will probably be that I stick to my Monday morning ritual of self assurance and list making :D ;P The goal is to consciously go through every day and to never let it just go by me.
I wish every one in my life happy planning and the best for the year to come! Have a wonderful 2012 !

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